First things first: I don’t view portrait sessions as JUST portrait sessions. These are self-love sessions, AKA where I invite you into a safe, healing space where you’re able to be FULLY yourself! My entire goal with self-love sessions is to capture YOU: your unique personality, heart, and soul (not just how you look on the outside). My priority is to capture what is on the inside. So if you’re here solely for some pretty pictures, I’m probably not the best fit for you! If you’re here to do a deep dive into alllll of the pieces of you, we’re going to be the perfect fit!

My Approach

“I am so emotional looking at these pictures. I am fully shocked at the beauty that Rachel captured! These pictures will forever be such a beautiful blessing to me.”



You’re not a “client” to me – not even close. You’re a friend! When you reach out to book with me, instead of cold, impersonal emails, let’s go grab coffee! Basically, think of me as your new bff! Once we get to know each other, I’ll help you choose outfits and we’ll find the perfect location! Once we’re at the shoot, I’ll turn on your favorite tunes and it’ll feel JUST like we’re best friends hangin out! Are you reading this feeling like it’s EXACTLY what you need? Then let’s freaking do this!! I’m so ready to meet you and get to know your heart! 

How does it

Self Love~ sessions start at $300 for an hour

I'm So Ready!